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Your Homeopathic Constitutional for the Year

Free Holistic Self-Care Classes

Sponsored by the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community

And Family Traditions

The Thursday after each monthly Community Holistic Healthcare Day

At Family Traditions in the Emmanuel Shopping Center

7:00-8:30 PM


Join us Thursday, December 18th for 

Your Homeopathic Constitutional for the Year

with Nancy Eos

 A constitutional remedy is that remedy which is most like the totality of the individual: the healthy, high vital force personality of the person. For you to find your own Constitutional Remedy we will look at when you have been in an excellent state of health, and under no stress, such as when you were a child before any major trauma.

 t is said that if you take the Constitutional Remedy, you can bring yourself out of any illness.

Dr. Eos will discuss the Constitutional Remedy of each person at the gathering. She will suggest how to use it and what to expect for the year 2015. We look forward to exploring your homeopathic personality with you.

Dr. Nancy Eos is a medical doctor and homeopath. She received her medical degree at The University of Michigan. Dr. Eos trained as a homeopath in the early1990’s at The National Center for Homeopathy and was licensed in Arizona. Currently, she has a private practice of Family & Holistic Medicine in Liberty and at the Stone Ridge Healing Arts Center in Stone Ridge.