Nurit Nardi MA LMT RCST

I use dreaming and Transformational Imagery to help you overcome life’s challenges, clear your life’s nightmares and blocks, and live a creative and meaningful life. These dreaming teachings which provide a framework to how you develop physically, emotionally and spiritually, are based on the esoteric teachings of Judaism called Kabbala. The process is based on gazing inside through night dreaming, poetic inductions, and imagery. I hold an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and the dreamwork comes from years of studying with Dr. Catherine Shainberg, the founder of The School of Images in NYC, who teaches the specifics dreaming and imagery in this lineage. The teachings were passed on to Dr. Shainberg by Mme. Colette Aboulker-Muscat, a renowned Kabbalist, who lived in Jerusalem and was a true healer. Catherine, my teacher, studied directly with Colette for 10 years. I have studied with Dr. Shainberg for many years and today I am a certified practitioner and teacher at the School of Images under her supervision. My other professional passions involve teaching and practicing a form of body work called Craniosacral Integration Therapy, which helps correct the source of pain and dysfunction using gentle manipulative techniques. I have a 30 years experience in the healing and wellness profession and besides a MA in Transpersonal Psychology, I hold license in Massage Therapy, am a registered Biodyanmic Craniosacral therapist, and an advanced Focusing practitioner. I have been a teacher at the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy for 17 years, for pre and post graduates’ courses. I am in the process of developing a new integrative program in Craniosacral Therapy which synergizes a wide spectrum of approaches into a fundamental theory for the body- centered wellness therapists.


Craniosacral Therapy