Annual Report 2016

Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community, Inc.



In 2015 RVHHC continued its work providing free holistic healthcare and education for the men, women and children of the Mid-Hudson Valley.  For a complete list of all of the programs, see Appendix A.  The following are some of the accomplishments of the year.

1) RVHHC held 11 Community Holistic Healthcare Dayson the third Tuesday of every month at which an average of 18 holistic practitioners and 12 administrative volunteers offered their services from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.  At nearly every healthcare day, one or two medical doctors were available to handle special medical needs or emergency situations.  An average of 40 clients were serviced each month, and each person saw one or more holistic practitioners.  A total of 269 new clients came in 2016, and some of them came back more than once during the year.

RVHHC added ten new practitioner volunteers this year.  In 2016 there were 38 active practitioners                and 27 administrative volunteers.  The new practitioners this year practice the following modalities                  (new modalities are highlighted):

Biophoton Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
 Energy Balancing
Energetic Chiropractic
Medical Massage
Psycho-spiritual counseling

For a complete list of modalities offered by RVHHC practitioners at Community Holistic Healthcare                  Days, see Appendix B.

Clients are asked to complete an anonymous survey form and to describe their experience.  For a
summary of the results of these surveys, see Appendix D.  While no money or insurance is
required to receive services, RVHHC invites clients to give a donation or pay it forward with an hour of           volunteer community service.


2)   In 2016 we held 12 free Holistic Self-Care Classes on the first Thursday of each month. The classes, offered by a wide variety of holistic practitioners, are noted in Appendix A.  Interest in the classes and the number of attendees continue to grow.

3)   We continued our collaboration with the Rosendale Theatre Collective and co-sponsored the film “THAT SUGAR FILM” — one man’s journey to learn about the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body.  The theatre was full on the weekday the film was shown.

4)  In December, we held a Sound And Energy Healing Fundraiser at the Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, NY.  Ricarda O’Conner brought her three large gongs, and gave an amazing one hour GONG BATH followed by Q&A.  The event was limited to 60 people and brought in over $1,600 in donations.

5)   With a grant from the Wolosoff Foundation, we offered five free special events in 2016:

  • QUANTUM SPOON BENDING with Gene Ang. Over 50 people in attendance.
  • SOUND MEDITATION AND LIVE SKYPE Q&A with Tom Kenyon. Held at the Rosendale Theatre, to full capacity.
  • INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AND MEDICINAL PLANTS with Eda Zavala Lopez. About 60 people were in attendance.
  • FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS ONE-DAY WORKSHOP with Helena Gorka and Jadina Lilien.

6)  RVHHC employs no staff and has no office or physical assets.  All of our activities are carried out by our administrative and practitioner volunteers.  Contributions by the public covered all of our administrative expenses in 2016.  Special events are made possible by grants and large donations.  For details of RVHHC’s Financial Resources and Statement of Activities, see Appendix E.

Looking Ahead
Four special events are scheduled for the next few months. Plans are underway to make a film about our work and the healthcare model we are creating.

 All of us at RVHHC are grateful to the Sponsors of Community Holistic Healthcare Days:

 Marbletown Community Center which provides our space
The Green Cottage
 which donates a beautiful bouquet of flowers
The High Falls Food COOP
 which donates healthy food for our clients and volunteers
Reid Dalland
 who designs our room dividers and installs them for us each month

 We also wish to thank our CO-SPONSORS:
The Lifebridge Foundation Inc. for co-sponsoring our annual sound healing concert in their beautiful Sanctuary, and
The Rosendale Theatre Collective for co-sponsoring films related to health and healing at the Rosendale Theatre

 We are grateful to all of our individual and corporate contributors who enable us to offer our programs to the community free of charge.


Appendix A    2016 SCHEDULE


January 7            Holistic Self-Care Class.  Movement Therapy with                                   Shiva Ram.

January 15          QUANTUM SPOON BENDING with Gene Ang.  FREE                                 class 7:00-9:00 p.m., Marbletown Community Center

January 16          QUANTUM HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES with Gene                                 Ang. Pre-registration required

 January 19         Community Holistic Healthcare Day

February 2&3      THAT SUGAR FILM, 7:15, Rosendale Theatre 

February 4          Holistic Self-Care Class, Ayurvedic Health with                                         Lauryn Bellafiore

February 16        Community Holistic Healthcare Day (cancelled due to                             weather)

March 3               Holistic Self-Care Class with Elizabeth Gross, What is                             Thai Yoga?

March 15             Community Holistic Healthcare Day

March 26             Indigenous Knowledge and Amazonian Medicinal                                     Plants With Eda Zavala Lopez.    Marbletown                                           Community Center 1:00-5:00 PM

April 7                 Holistic Self-Care Class, SIMPLE HABITS OF OPTIMAL                             HEALTH with Eli Morales

April 19               Community Holistic Healthcare Day

May 5                  Holistic Self-Care Class    REDISCOVER EASE:                                         Alexander Technique with Allyna Steinberg

May 17                Community Holistic Healthcare Day

June 2                  Holistic Self-Care Class, SELF-HYPNOSIS FOR                                          SLEEP, INSOMNIA and LUCID DREAMING with                                          Lincoln Stoller

June 21                Community Holistic Healthcare Day

June 26                FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS WORKSHOP.  FREE one                                  day event    sponsored by the Wolosoff Foundation

July 7                   Holistic Self-Care Class, HOME FUNERALS with                                        Krista Marshall

July 19                 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

August 4              Holistic Self-Care Class   THREE SOURCES                                              MEDITATION with Ian Duncan

August 16            Community Holistic Healthcare Day

September 1       Holistic Self-Care Class, HOW TO KEEP YOUR EYES                                 HEALTHY with Marc Grossman

September 20      Community Holistic Healthcare Day

October 6            Holistic Self-Care Class, HEALING FROM AROUND                                   THE WORLD with Jason Elias

October 18          Community Holistic Healthcare Day

November 3        Holistic Self-Care Class, Decoding Your Dreams with                               Nurit Nardi

November 15      Community Holistic Healthcare Day

November 19      Free Lecture: Evidence of the Truth of Metaphysics                                Found in Cutting-Edge Scientific Research with Marc                              Newkirk

December 1        Holistic Self-Care Class, Ortho-BIonomy Self-                                           Care with Samuel Claiborne

December 20      Community Holistic Healthcare Day


Appendix B      MODALITIES  offered by RVHHC


ART — Accelerated Resolution Therapy


Aura and Chakra Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine

Biophoton Therapy

Brennan Healing Science

Craniosacral Therapy

The Emotion Code

EFT — Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energetic Chiropractic

Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Medicine with Medical Doctors


Infinity Healing Practice

Integrative Psychotherapy


Matrix Energetics

Movement Therapy


Naturopathic Medicine with a Naturopathic Doctor


One Light Healing Touch


Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Reconnective Healing




Soul Listening

Spacious Heart Guidance

SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Massage



Appendix C  Statistics

The following are statistics taken from the anonymous surveys filled out by the clients.

In 2017, there were 269 new clients.  Some of them came back more than once during the year.  The average number of clients each night was 40.  Of the total, 72% were female and 26% male.  The ages ranged from 12 to 81 years old, and the average age was 51.

Of the total clients, 28% were on Medicaid, 26% were on Medicare and 12% were uninsured.  Since most holistic health care modalities are not covered by insurance, both the insured and uninsured benefit from Holistic Healthcare Day,  As for statistics on households, 40% lived alone, 32% were couples with no children at home, and 7% had 2 adults with 1 child at home.   Regarding employment, 71% of the clients were employed or self-employed, and 29% were not employed. Eighteen percent of the clients lived outside of Ulster County.  Two clients did not have a permanent address.  Sixty-two percent of clients heard about Holistic Healthcare Days through word of mouth.

Appendix D

 Feedback  from Clients  in 2016:  selected quotes submitted anonymously

I appreciate your ongoing efforts to serve the local communities and for showing us how many different modalities we can choose to experience. Thanks so much, blessing to all.

Energetic Chiropractic: Wonderful, he cleared the congestion in my sinuses and lungs and relieved pressure in my lower back. Thank you for being here and providing these invaluable services.

One Light Healing Touch: It was very positive. Everyone I interacted with was very sweet and positive. I did not have to wait long and was comfortable in the waiting room. (The practitioner) was very kind and open. Her work was mostly energetic; however I felt immediate physical healing as well. I would recommend the clinic to everyone.

Massage: My experience was excellent. She is a wonderful massage therapist. (She) worked so hard to alleviate any painful areas in my body. I feel as though all of the stress and tension has left and now I feel very relaxed. It is an excellent feeling.

Reiki and Integrative Psychotherapy: The healing energy was palpable upon entering the building. The practitioners were disciplined and effective. The RVHHC is showing the way to a light and beautiful present and future.

Reiki: It was an amazing high power meditative experience. I could feel the negative released and all positive good intention from (him). I am glowing! My body feels loose, in a good way, and my mind feels blessed from his hands and my spirit feels renewed.

Medical Massage: AMAZING HEALING! He has adjusted some seriously painful condition to a completely functional and wonderful place! Thank you. I am grateful beyond words for this clinic and the services given to me! A million thanks!

The Emotion Code: It was AMAZING! I have had such huge success working with (the practitioner) and I can feel her releases from today already working. Thank you so much for providing these amazing services.

Thai Massage: It was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Thank you so much! Instant change for me –WOW! Amazing!

Reflexology: Amazing! I feel healed! Thank you for this wonderful clinic!

Energy Balancing: (The practitioner) is very intuitive and was able to tune right in to where I was in need of healing. I came away feeling much more in balance and with insights into how I can work with those issues in the future. I felt the whole experience from the moment I arrived to the point I am now leaving was well organized, and that I was in a healing and welcoming community.

Spacious Heart Guidance: It was excellent. I have been very emotional around this issue. It came up and I could feel things change as (she) worked her magic. Feel much calmed and clearer about a course of action. You are providing a wonderful service here- for both providers and clients. Thanks you!

Medical Massage: ABSOLUTLY PHENOMENAL!! What your community does for the public is such a wonderful loving gift that it humbles me.

Neurofeedback: My experience was “eye opening”, giving me a lot to think about and I believe new tools to use. Simply- thank you.

Acupuncture: My experience was amazing. (The practitioner) is an incredible acupuncturist and a beautiful person as well. I feel wonderful! Thank you for providing these beautiful experiences which have been so important to my well-being.

Infinity Healing: I felt my body become alive as I had been mourning the recent loss of my brother. (The practitioner) also infused life in my lower chakras. Her vision of my ritual guides protecting me was very comforting, and the light finding my brother. Can’t wait to come back. Thank you.

Ayurvedic Medicine: It was transcendental- (The practitioner) is a powerful healer. I left with a wealth of great info to help improve overall health. Both sessions I have received here, I have left feeling wholly grateful and full of love. Thank you all so much.

Ortho-Bionomy: I had a first session with (the practitioner) two months ago. Like that session, this one was profound. His intuition is spot on and his ability to move energy is amazing. Thank you so much to the practitioners and volunteers for their wonderful opportunity to find community and health.



    APPENDIX E      


Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets
          Year ended December 31, 2016
 Unrestricted        Restricted  Total
Public Support
  Program Revenue and Contributions from
Healthcare day, Classes, Special Events  3,933  3,933
Fundraising  1,625  1,625
Grants  5,222  5,222
Public contributions  1,491       800  2,291
Total Public Support  7,049  6,022  13,071
Food and misc:  Healthcare day  1,482  1,482
Special Events:
      Honorariums    2,000  2,000
      Venues     620     620
Advertising/copying/printing     114     114
Other program expenses  1,054  1,054
Total program expenses  1,482  3,788  5,270
Administrative expense:
Insurance  1,634  1,634
Printing     680     680
Fundraising     450     450
Office Supplies/postage     365     365
Other Admin. expenses  1,378  1,378
Total administrative expense  4,507  4,507
Total Expenses  5,989  3,788  9,777
Other non-operating gains (losses)       12     12
Change in Net Assets  1,072  2,234  3,306
Net assets at beginning of year  7,020
Net assets at end of year 10,326
Statement of Financial Position
          December 31, 2016
Current Assets  10,326  Net Assets
    Restricted  5,646
      Unrestricted  4,680
Total Assets  10,326  Total Net Assets  10,326