Ellen Farrell, MA, NCC, EEM-AP

Ellen was a clinical psychotherapist from 2001-2018 and she was in the nutrition/health food industry 10+ years. A Reiki practitioner since 1987, she graduated as an Energy Medicine-Advanced practitioner (EEM-AP, 2011). She works with all energy systems, and is editing a book on how these connect. As a clair-audient Psychological Intuitive/Empath and seer, during in-office sessions, Ellen reads deeply into the 7 Chakra stories/status where energies got disconnected due to trauma. She works with your SOUL, Spirit, guides, Angels, etc. In reading the energy systems, Ellen is working with core trauma issues to bring balance/healing, and reconnection. 

Once the Chakras, Aura, and Meridians are strong, the deepest lines are checked and reconnected. Often included is EMDR (Energy Psychology). Ellen works with Creativity coaching (Maisel, Fritz), Yoga, Past life regression (Weiss, Eden), Bach flower essences, and animal communication. Ellen uses sound healing, aromatherapy, and Hemi-sync/meta-music during in-office sessions as well.