In the lineage of Colette Muscat Aboulker
A unique approach to mind-body work

Imagery is a powerful tool for transformation and healing which has been used for centuries for physical and emotional healing. It is also a way to access your own richness, power, and beauty. The ancient civilizations clustered around the Mediterranean Sea, used it as an essential technique and sometimes the only medical treatment for physical and emotional ailments. The Prophets and people of the land also used the path of vision, one of the oldest in mystical Judaism, to find their way through the maze of life.  Imagery exercises lead a person to enter a level of visual experiencing, where he is able to explore the hidden world which lies behind his rational thought processes. Imagination not only provides a window on your inner experience, but a means for transforming your physical and emotional health. Indeed, imagery is the interface language between mind, emotions and body. Directing your imaginal reality can positively alter your physiology, your emotions, and can lead to the betterment of illness. Imagery leads and to a deeper understanding of self and others, empowering you to transform yourself and the world.  

“The key to the door of the inner world is imagination.”  —Morton Kelsey