Our Future Vision

It is our intention to acquire land and build a campus where we can create a Holistic Hub of Possibility. We envision multiple buildings constructed according to the principles of sacred geometry, harmonic resonance and natural building, which demonstrate what is possible in the interaction of architectural structure with consciousness and healing. At the center will be a Healing Sanctuary, providing office space and meeting rooms dedicated to holistic healing. Satellite buildings will provide space for art studios, theater, sound/music, movement, conscious birthing, conscious dying and lodging for out-of-town clients. We also envision organic/biodynamic gardens and a café serving food from our own gardens and other local organic sources.

All these resources will provide space for a wide variety of programs such as holistic healing, qigong, yoga, cooking, visual arts, theater, movement, and film. Through all these programs and the buildings that house them, we intend to create a web of inter-connection with our local community which will attract holistic practitioners, teachers from a variety of disciplines, and the people from our local community and beyond. The campus and its offerings will provide a template for how to transform society collaboratively and support the conscious evolution of humanity.

Based on principles of sacred geometry, here are samples of architectural diagrams created to inspire our future vision of buildings based on 9 Star, Flower of Life, and Fibonacci shapes.