2017 Annual Report

In 2017 RVHHC continued its work providing free holistic healthcare and education for the men, women and children of the Mid-Hudson Valley. For a complete list of all of the activities during the year, see Appendix A. The following are some of the accomplishments:

  • RVHHC held 12 Community Holistic Healthcare Days on the third Tuesday of every month at which an average of 18 holistic practitioners and 12 administrative volunteers offered their services from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. At nearly every healthcare day, a medical doctor is available to handle special needs or emergency situations. We also offer one or more psychological modalities plus a wide variety of hands on and energy healing modalities. For a complete list of modalities offered by RVHHC practitioners at Community Holistic Healthcare Days, see Appendix B.

An average of 40 clients were serviced each month, and each person saw one or more holistic practitioners. A total of 162 new clients came in 2017, and some of them came back more than once during the year.

  • This year RVHHC added 6 new practitioners and 6 new administrators, increasing the number of volunteers to 38 active practitioners and 30 administrative volunteers. The new practitioners brought 4 new modalities:
    • Herbal Health Counseling
    • Vibrational Attunement
    • Jin Shin Jyutsu
    • Astrological Counseling
  • Clients are asked to complete an anonymous survey form and to describe their experience. For a summary of the results of these surveys, see Appendix D. While no money or insurance is required to receive services, RVHHC invites clients to give a donation or pay it forward with volunteer community service.
  • In 2017 we held 12 free Holistic Self-Care Classes on the first Thursday of each month. The classes, offered by a wide variety of holistic practitioners, are noted in Appendix A. Interest in the classes and the number of attendees continue to grow.
  • We continued our collaboration with the Rosendale Theatre Collective and co-sponsored 3 films that dealt with the topic of health and healing: Resurrection, The Last Shaman and The Living Matrix.
  • In June, we held a Fundraiser featuring Tito La Rosa, a sound healer from Peru. The event was limited to 60 people and brought in $1,150 in donations.
  • With a grant from the Wolosoff Foundation, we offered five free special events in 2017:
  • Voice Journey with Stephanie Rooker
  • Resistance Without Reaction with Sirriya Din
  • Walking To Listen with Andrew Forsthoefel
  • Sound Healing With Tuning Forks with John Beaulieu
  • Consciousness And Cosmic Contact with Jen Westacott, Diane Saunders and Marilyn Gewacke.
  • With generous funding from public and foundation contributions, we have produced a 3 minute video giving highlights of what goes on at a typical healthcare day.  The video is for the purpose of raising additional funds for a longer documentary film that will be provided free to the public.  Check out the video on our website!
  • RVHHC employs no staff and has no office. Our administrative and practitioner volunteers carry out all of our activities. Special events are made possible by grants and large donations. Contributions by the public covered all of our administrative expenses in 2017. For details of RVHHC’s Financial Resources and Statement of Activities, see Appendix E.

Looking Ahead

Three special events, 1 film, and 5 Self-Care classes are scheduled for the next few months. We will begin fund raising for our documentary film in the near future.

All of us at RVHHC are grateful to the Sponsors of Community Holistic Healthcare Days:

Marbletown Community Center which provides our space
The Green Cottage which donates a beautiful bouquet of flowers
The High Falls Food COOP which donates healthy food for our clients and volunteers

We also wish to thank our CO-SPONSORS:

The Lifebridge Foundation Inc. for co-sponsoring our annual sound healing concert in their beautiful Sanctuary, and
The Rosendale Theatre Collective for co-sponsoring films related to health and healing at the Rosendale Theatre

We especially wish to thank:

Reid Dalland who designed our room dividers.

Laurie Giardino who designs our flyers

Peter Pitchford, our webmaster

Finally, we are grateful to all of our individual and corporate contributors who enable us to offer our programs to the community free of charge. Most of all, we are grateful to our amazing staff of dedicated volunteers.

Appendix A


January 5 Holistic Self-Care Class: Organic Hair Care with Allison Demorest & Tina Betterton

January 7 Special Event: Voice Journey – Vibration as Meditation, Medicine, and Magic with Stephanie Rooker

January 17 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

January 24 Film:   Resurrection. Co-sponsored with the Rosendale Theatre

February 2 Holistic Self-Care Class: Shamanic Plant Spirit Healing with Barbara Fornal

February 21 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

March 2 Holistic Self-Care Class: Gut Health and Managing the Toxic Load with Sigrid D’Aleo

March 21 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

March 27 Special Event: Resistance Without Reaction with Sirriya Din

April 6 Holistic Self-Care Class: Biologic Approaches to Oral Health with Maureen and Jeffrey Viglielmo

April 14 Special Event: Walking to Listen, a talk by Andrew Forsthoefel

April 18 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

May 4 Holistic Self-Care Class: Natural Pet Care with Dr. Michele Yasson

May 6 Special Event: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks with John Beaulieu

May 16 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

June 1 Holistic Self-Care Class: Bringing Harmony to the Body through Jin Shin Jyutsu with Zena Cohen

June 4 Special Event: Consciousness and Cosmic Contact with Jen Westacott, Diane Saunders, and Marilyn Gewacke.

June 7 Film:  The Last Shaman. Co-sponsored with the Rosendale Theatre

June 20 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

June 26 Fund Raiser: Sound Healing with Tito La Rosa

July 6 Holistic Self-Care Class: Urban Zen Restorative Class with Mary-Beth Charno

July 18 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

August 3 Holistic Self-Care Class: Aging in our Society with Eleanor Minsky

August 15 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

September 7 Holistic Self-Care Class: Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help, Mindfullness and Compassion with Mercedes Cecilia

September 19 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

October 5 Holistic Self-Care Class: I-Ching with Timothy Liu

October 17 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

November 2 Holistic Self-Care Class: Body as Playground – Interactive play of dance and trance with P.M. Vincenza Dante, LCSW-R, LCAT

November 14 Film:  The Living Matrix – A film on the new science of healing. Co-sponsored with the Rosendale Theatre 

November 21 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

December 7 Holistic Self-Care Class: Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Well-Being with Pat Yorks

December 19 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

Appendix B


ART — Accelerated Resolution TherapyAcupuncture

Astrological Counseling

Aura and Chakra Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine

Biophoton Therapy

Brennan Healing Science

Consultations with a Holistic

Medical Doctor

Craniosacral Therapy

The Emotion Code

EFT — Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energetic Chiropractic

Herbal Health Counseling

Holistic Health Coaching


Integrative Psychotherapy

Jin Shin JyutsuMassage

Matrix Energetics

Movement Therapy



One Light Healing Touch


Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Reconnective Healing



Soul Listening

Spacious Heart Guidance

SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Massage

Vibrational Attunement

Yoga Therapy


Appendix C

The following are statistics taken from the anonymous surveys filled out by 162 clients who came to Healthcare Day in 2017. 

Clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire once each year.  In 2017 there were 12 Healthcare Days that accommodated 500 clients, or an average of 42 on each occasion.  Several clients came back one or more times throughout the year.


Of the total clients, 76% were female; 22% male.  The ages ranged from 11 to 81 years old, and the median age was 53.  As for health insurance, 29% were on Medicaid, 32% were on Medicare and 10% were uninsured.  Since most holistic health care modalities are not covered by insurance, both the insured and uninsured benefit from Healthcare Day.  As for statistics on households, 47% lived alone, 30% were couples with no children at home, and 7% had 3 adults with no children at home.   Regarding employment, 59% of the clients were employed or self-employed, and 41% were not employed or were retired.  Fourteen percent lived outside of Ulster County, and some clients traveled considerable distance. 


Appendix D

Feedback from Clients in 2017: selected quotes submitted anonymously

I had a Thai Massage session. Amazing. I could feel my energy rebalancing and flowing again. I feel so much more open and flexible. Thank you for providing these wonderful treatments.

I had an acupuncture session. My first time here and my first time getting acupuncture. The practitioner was very vocal with me about the process and I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout. Thank you all! This is a fantastic event and opportunity for the community to experience different methods of healthcare we would normally not have access to.

I had a massage. Deep release from shoulders and back. Thank you for running this monthly clinic – it has saved my life. With gratitude always.

I had a Brennan healing session. I have not had such a wonderful healing touch experience for years, nor many in my life and I feel gratitude and openness for and about my healing. Thank you and I will come back.

I had an Emotion Code session. Completely transformative. The practitioner helped me to release so much that had been buried for most of my life. Thank you for providing these life changing experiences.

I had a One Light Healing Touch session. Wonderful! I had not had healings in many months and I needed to be here today. I was able to totally relax after a very intense first part of the year. The practitioner was a subtle, gentle healer and very effective. I felt great afterwards. Keep up the good work! The atmosphere is so friendly and volunteers so welcoming. I plan to come to other events. Thank you for being here!

I had a Jin Shin Jyutsu session. Wonderful! I felt many of my previous injuries melt away with a fantastic peacefulness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I had a Soul Listening session. My session was deeply transformative. I feel like it changed the trajectory of my life. Love to everyone here.

I had a craniosacral therapy session. Very positive! Really great vibe all around. I was a bit concerned that with all the people around but I was able to relax and fall into it easily. Looking forward to coming back and experiencing more interesting modalities.

I had a Reconnective Healing session. Very peaceful. I felt the inside of my body opening, expanding. When he held my ankles, I felt the energy gently surging through my body. This was a very interesting experience. Thank you for providing this.

The massage I received today was incredible. The therapist’s intuitive approach brought an immense amount of pain relief today. I am truly grateful for the RVHHC and its community. Thank you to all the practitioners that volunteer their time and love.

I had an Energetic Chiropractic session. I feel relaxed; my structure and muscles are all feeling loose and aligned. A more energetic flow is occurring. Very positive experience to help my healing process. I believe that all of the healers here are obtaining good karma and are as a result helping the karmic path of the people. This work should be available to all in need.

I had a One Light Healing Touch session. She took me into another world – most relaxed – out of pain I have been experiencing. Thank you. You are giving a great service to our community.

Today was my first experience with Ortho Bionomy and I found it amazing and enlightening. I feel that the practitioner initiated some tremendous amounts of needed healing and I look forward to further progress with him. In one single session I encountered a great amount of relief. Thank you to all volunteers and practitioners!

I saw the holistic medical doctor. Very good, she is amazing and positive. She is good at conveying her ideas and healing. This place is amazing and positive. Thank you!!

I had a massage. Amazing! I came in barely able to bend my knee and most of my muscles were stiff. I am leaving with 0 pain and feeling completely relaxed. Thank you for providing these amazing services.

I had an Energetic Chiropractic session. Relief from arm pain. I feel so very, very Blessed to have this community health clinic available. Thank you. Happy Holidays.


Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets

Year ended December 31, 2017

Special Events:

Public Support

  Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Total
Program Revenue and Contributions from Healthcare day, Classes, Special Events 3,804   3,804
Fundraising 2,320   2,320
Grants   15,000 15,000
Public contributions 800 512 1,312
Total Public Support 6,924 15,512 22,436



Food and misc: Healthcare day 1,393   1,393
Honorariums / Venues   3,859 3,859
Printing/copying   517 517
Other program expenses   102 102
Total program expenses 1,393 4,478 5,871

Administrative expense:

Insurance 1,634   1,634
Film Project   1,858 1,858
Office Supplies/postage 491   491
Other Admin. expenses 697   697
Total administrative expense 2,822 1,858 4,680
Total Program and Administrative Expenses 4,215 6,336 10,551
Net Increase in assets: 2,709 9,176 11,885
Other non-operating gains (losses) 19   19
Change in Net Assets 2,728 9,176 11,904
Net assets at beginning of year 10,331    
Net assets at end of year 22,235    

Film Project $12,000

Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2017

Current Assets:
Ulster Savings Bank 21,174
Fixed Assets:
Room Dividers 1,061
Total Assets 22,235
Net Assets:
Equity: 1,061
Restricted 16,601
Unrestricted 5,634
Total Net Assets 22,235