Annual Reports

Holistic Health Community, Inc.



Since 2013, the Holistic Health Community has been providing holistic healthcare and education once a month free to the community.  Our activities include healthcare clinics, self-care classes, special events, films and workshops, all free to the public.  The following describes some of the activities in 2018.


Community Holistic Healthcare Days were held on the third Tuesday of every month from 4:00 – 8:00 at the Marbletown Community Center.  On site were an average of 16 holistic practitioners and 12 administrative volunteers, and a holistic medical doctor was available to handle special needs or emergency situations.  Clients could choose from a wide variety of energy healing and psychological modalities.

  • HHC currently has available over 50 active holistic health practitioners and 30 administrative A complete list of modalities offered by HHC practitioners is found on our website (link 1). 
  • A total of 447 clients came to 11 Healthcare Days in 2018, with an average of 41 on each occasion. Of the total, 196 clients came one or more times throughout the year.
  • Clients are asked to complete an anonymous survey form. Of the total clients in 2018, 74% were female and 23% male.  Ages ranged from 4 to 95 years old.  As for health insurance, 34% had insurance through their employer or the ACA; 33% were on Medicaid, 23% were on Medicare and the remaining 10% were uninsured.  Since most holistic health care modalities are not covered by insurance, both the insured and uninsured benefit from Healthcare Day.  As for households, 46% of the clients lived alone and 29% of households had 2 adults with no children.  Regarding employment, 66% of the clients were employed or self-employed, 18% were not employed, and 16% were retired.  Eighty-two percent of clients lived in Ulster County and 64% heard about Healthcare Day by word of mouth.
  • Clients are asked if they would like to describe their experience. Visit our website for a summary of the results of these surveys (link 2).  While no money or insurance is required to receive services, HHC invites clients to give a donation or pay it forward with volunteer community service.


In 2018 we also held 11 free Holistic Self-Care Classes on the first Thursday of each month. Some of the topics included:  Holistic eye care, Lyme disease, thermography, money issues, sound healing, herbal medicine, medical marijuana, resiliency, how to become emotionally unstuck and combat stress, and meditative movement.


With a grant from the Wolosoff Foundation, we offered five free Talks and Workshops in 2018.  Topics included:  Edgar Cayce remedies, Tibetan Bowls, Ecstatic Postures, Sound Healing with tuning forks, and Reimagining Masculinity.


We continued our collaboration with the Rosendale Theatre Collective and co-sponsored several films that dealt with health and healing.

In June, we held a Fundraiser at the Lifebridge Sanctuary at which more than 60 people enjoyed a gong bath/sound-healing experience


In 2017, with generous funding from public and foundation contributions, we produced a 3 minute video giving highlights of a typical healthcare day.  In 2018, with additional funding from the Wolosoff Foundation and an anonymous grant from the Community Foundations, we are continuing our efforts to expand this video into a 22 minute Documentary, which will be completed in the fall of 2019.


In 2018, HHC employed no staff and our administrative and practitioner volunteers carried out all of our activities.  Special events were made possible by grants, while contributions by the public covered all of our administrative expenses. 


If you would like additional information about HHC or any of our past programs, or if you would like a copy of HHC’s Financial Resources and Statement of Activities, please contact us at info@holistichealthcommunity.net


  • Looking Ahead to 2019

With a generous grant from an anonymous donor to the Community Foundations, continuing support from the Wolosoff Foundation, and contributions from the public, we have in store a very busy year.  In addition to opening an office, hiring part time staff, and organizing several exciting programs, we will be completing our documentary film.  Most importantly, we will be taking one big step towards achieving RVHHC’s vision (link 3).  Stay tuned!


All of us at the Holistic Health Community are grateful to the Sponsors of Community Holistic Healthcare Days:


Marbletown Community Center, which provides our space
The Green Cottage
, which donates a beautiful bouquet of flowers
The High Falls Food COOP
, which donates healthy food for our clients and volunteers.


We also wish to thank our CO-SPONSORS:

The Lifebridge Foundation Inc. for co-sponsoring our annual sound healing concert in their beautiful Sanctuary

The Rosendale Theatre Collective for co-sponsoring films related to health and healing at the Rosendale Theatre

Wild Earth, for co-sponsoring a talk geared to young adults.


We especially wish to thank:

Laurie Giardino who designed our flyers

Peter Pitchford, our Webmaster


Finally, we are grateful to all of our individual and corporate contributors who enable us to offer our programs to the community free of charge.   Most of all, we are grateful to our amazing staff of dedicated volunteers.

MODALITIES  offered by the Holistic Health Community

ART -- Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy


Astrological Counseling


Aura and Chakra Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine

Biophoton Therapy

Brennan Healing Science

Consultations with a Holistic

Medical Doctor

Craniosacral Therapy

The Emotion Code

EFT -- Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energetic Chiropractic

Energy Balancing

Family Constellations

Herbal Health Counseling

Holistic Health Coaching



Infinity Healing Practice

Integrative Psychotherapy

Jin Shin Jyutsu


Matrix Energetics

Motivational Enhancement

Movement Therapy

Naikan Therapy


One Light Healing Touch


Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Reconnective Healing



Soul Listening

Spacious Heart Guidance

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Yoga Therapy


Feedback  from Clients

Selected quotes submitted anonymously


"I had a Thai Massage session.  Amazing.  I could feel my energy rebalancing and flowing again.  I feel so much more open and flexible.  Thank you for providing these wonderful treatments."


"I had an acupuncture session.  My first time here and my first time getting acupuncture.  The practitioner was very vocal with me about the process and I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout.  Thank you all!  This is a fantastic event and opportunity for the community to experience different methods of healthcare we would normally not have access to."


"I had a massage. Deep release from shoulders and back.  Thank you for running this monthly clinic – it has saved my life.  With gratitude always."


"I had a Brennan healing session. I have not had such a wonderful healing touch experience for years, nor many in my life and I feel gratitude and openness for and about my healing. Thank you and I will come back."


"I had an Emotion Code session.  Completely transformative. The practitioner helped me to release so much that had been buried for most of my life.  Thank you for providing these life changing experiences."


"I had a One Light Healing Touch session. Wonderful! I had not had healings in many months and I needed to be here today. I was able to totally relax after a very intense first part of the year. The practitioner was a subtle, gentle healer and very effective. I felt great afterwards. Keep up the good work! The atmosphere is so friendly and volunteers so welcoming. I plan to come to other events. Thank you for being here!"


"I had a Jin Shin Jyutsu session. Wonderful! I felt many of my previous injuries melt away with a fantastic peacefulness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


"I had a Soul Listening session.  My session was deeply transformative. I feel like it changed the trajectory of my life. Love to everyone here."


"I had a craniosacral therapy session. Very positive! Really great vibe all around. I was a bit concerned that with all the people around but I was able to relax and fall into it easily. Looking forward to coming back and experiencing more interesting modalities."


"I had a Reconnective Healing session.  Very peaceful.  I felt the inside of my body opening, expanding.  When he held my ankles, I felt the energy gently surging through my body.  This was a very interesting experience.  Thank you for providing this."


"The massage I received today was incredible.  The therapist’s intuitive approach brought an immense amount of pain relief today.  I am truly grateful for the RVHHC and its community.  Thank you to all the practitioners that volunteer their time and love."


"I had an Energetic Chiropractic session.  I feel relaxed; my structure and muscles are all feeling loose and aligned.  A more energetic flow is occurring.  Very positive experience to help my healing process.  I believe that all of the healers here are obtaining good karma and are as a result helping the karmic path of the people.  This work should be available to all in need."


"I had a One Light Healing Touch session.  She took me into another world – most relaxed – out of pain I have been experiencing.  Thank you.  You are giving a great service to our community."


"Today was my first experience with Ortho Bionomy and I found it amazing and enlightening.  I feel that the practitioner initiated some tremendous amounts of needed healing and I look forward to further progress with him.  In one single session I encountered a great amount of relief.  Thank you to all volunteers and practitioners!"


"I saw the holistic medical doctor.  Very good, she is amazing and positive.  She is good at conveying her ideas and healing.  This place is amazing and positive.  Thank you!!"


"I had a massage.  Amazing!  I came in barely able to bend my knee and most of my muscles were stiff.  I am leaving with 0 pain and feeling completely relaxed.  Thank you for providing these amazing services."


"I had an Energetic Chiropractic session.  Relief from arm pain.  I feel so very, very Blessed to have this community health clinic available.  Thank you.  Happy Holidays."


Our vision

It is our intention to acquire land and build a campus where we can create a Holistic Hub of Possibility.  We envision multiple buildings constructed according to the principles of sacred geometry, harmonic resonance and natural building, which demonstrate what is possible in the interaction of architectural structure with consciousness and healing. 

At the center will be a Healing Sanctuary, providing office space and meeting rooms dedicated to holistic healing.  Satellite buildings will provide space for art studios, theater, sound/music, movement, conscious birthing, conscious dying and lodging for out-of-town clients. We also envision organic/biodynamic gardens and a café serving food from our own gardens and other local organic sources.

All these resources will provide space for a wide variety of programs such as holistic healing, qigong, yoga, cooking, visual arts, theatre, movement, and film. Through all these programs and the buildings that house them, we intend to create a web of inter-connection with our local community which will attract holistic practitioners, teachers from a variety of disciplines, and the people from our local community and beyond.  The campus and its offerings will provide a template for how to transform society collaboratively and support the conscious evolution of humanity.